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Can I add to Epic as I need?

Yes. Epic is modularized so you can start with a single computer and add computers as needed (We don't have different versions for single and multi-user). Serial interfaces can be added at any time, they're actually self-contained programs that install and run independent from Epic.

Can I access my data from a remote office?

Yes. Epic allows you access via a dial-up connection or through the internet. If your auditor at one hotel calls in sick, for example, an auditor an another hotel can dial in an perform the audit. Of course Epic provides the security features you'll need to assure that the remote user is approved to use the system. Epic's night audit is completely modeless, meaning that you can continue to conduct business while the audit is in progress. This is an important feature for those who wish to conduct a night audit remotely. Other systems require that the clerks not conduct any activity while the remote user is conducting an audit. Any report can be reprinted for any date in the past at any time. This means that a remote user can dial in and reprint a report any time they wish.

Is it going to be a pain to learn a new system?

Not at all. Epic's interface is so friendly and inviting that most users will get a basic feel for the program in minutes. The average training time (including installation) is just 3 days.

Can I customize Epic to work the way I do the do business?

Absolutely. Epic includes a feature which allows you to lay out your hotel floor plan so that the clerk works with a picture of your hotel. This feature allows you to set and change room types at any time. You can define as many charges and credits as you wish, the only predefined ones are cash and room rent. Source of business codes, rates types, house accounts, special inventory, and many other items can be added or removed at will. The built in report editor allows you to completely redesign any printed output or create your own custom reports. For example, you can edit the registration card to print on any preprinted stock (by default, Epic prints on plain paper). Epic's night audit can be configured to print whatever reports you wish (including custom reports that you've created) or you can exclude any report.

Can I restrict employees from certain features?

Epic allows you to specify on a clerk-by-clerk, item-by-item basis exactly what features each employee has access to. There is no need to grant anyone access to one feature just because they need access to another feature in that same "Access level" as there are with some systems.

Does Epic keep guest history?

Epic keeps every bit of information about each guest for as long as you decide to retain that information. Instead of just "Last stay" detail, you can accurately reproduce any report about any stay at any time.

How difficult is the audit?

When you start the audit Epic will advise you if there are any sleepers that were due to check out today. If so, it will prompt you with appropriate choices as to what to do with these guests. After that the audit rolls along without any need for human intervention. Epic can even make a compressed backup of your data as part of the audit process. The audit is completely modeless so you can check people in or out or do whatever else you need to while the audit is in progress.

Does Epic automatically charge for special items?

Epic includes full support for special inventory items (cots, cribs, roll-aways, etc.). You can define as many such items as you wish. At any time you can assign a special inventory item to a guest and that guest will automatically be charged for the item each night when room rent is posted. Epic will even track availability of special inventory items so you can reserve a crib while you enter a reservation and make certain it will be available when the guest arrives. Special inventory items can be tagged as "Package" items which appear as a single line item on the guest's bill.

We've got a really complicated rate structure. Can Epic handle it?

Epic uses a rate structure design that is like no other in the industry. You can create as many rate tables as you wish. You can define discounts as percentage off, flat rate, or dollar discounts. If you want, you can even define a rate table for a particular rate type. Epic includes package plans too so a rate can include charges other than just room rent.

Does epic require special forms? Can it use my custom forms?

The standard reports that come with Epic print on blank paper and no special forms are required.Of course, if you have custom forms or would like to use preprinted forms, Epic supports this. Epic's report creator allows you to place the form's fields anywhere on the paper so that they line up correctly with your form.

Now that Epic is available, will White Wolf quit supporting their DOS application?

Absolutely not. White Wolf software has never discontinued support on any product and we will continue to offer support for any product we release as long as there is a single user that desires that support.



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